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E-M:/ granholm double speak on water

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

If Granholm is so concerned about protecting water,
then why has she given Ice Mountain more pumping
permits for their plant in Mecosta County? Not only
has she not just stopped a egregious water diversion,
she has given her blessing to its expansion (drive by
the plant, they are expanding the walls). She issued
this permit while the citizens trial against the
company is ongoing. What a vote of confidence from the
great "water protector."

go to www.detnews.com to see the rest
Granholm sees big threat in water loss
Governor wants tighter controls on Great Lakes

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Gov. Jennifer Granholm recently spoke with The Detroit
News about water issues. Here is an edited transcript
of that interview: 
Q: When you were attorney general in 2001, you
complained that Michigan was the only Great Lake state
without a statutory framework for protecting its
greatest natural resource. Has the state's continued
inaction made the threat worse? 
A.The threat is just as real and it grows with each
day as we consider the national situation. If water is
a natural resource that other parts of the country
would like to have access to, the longer we wait as a
state the more our resource is threatened. 
We have got to step up like all the the other Great
Lakes states have done. There are statutes out there
that we can use as a model. 
We, as a state, have the most to lose. 
Q.Some have suggested that the federal interest in
seeing the country has a sufficient fresh water supply
supercedes and takes precedence over concerns by
individual states like Michigan. What's your view? 
A.That's why the state has got to act. This great
resource is 20 percent of world's fresh water. This is
who we are. As long as I am governor, the state's
interests are going to trump. 
Believe me, we are not going to allow diversions to
the southwest or any other parts of the country. Some
temporary drought situation is not good enough. 
Q.Do the nation's South and West or areas just outside
the Great Lakes basin represent the biggest immediate
threat for water diversions? 

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