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E-M:/ DEQ, DNR, FYI Erosion Control Mistakes in Iron River Michigan observed last week

Enviro-Mich message from "David J. Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>

Dear DEQ, DNR folks,

Last week, I was in Iron River, MI doing some work and we came across a
failed erosion control project on the Iron River a couple of hundred feet
north of Adam's street (rt. 2).  In the attempt to remediate the
uncontrolled runoff from a parking lot that runs through an ATV trail and
into the river, someone used a green mesh to hold down straw.
Unfortunately, the mesh is a death trap for snakes, including the three very
large pine snakes that we found strangled in the netting (which did not do
the job either).  I've attached some pictures below for you to see.


Dave Zaber
Habitat Education Center

Failed erosion control structure and dead pine snakes, Iron River, MI.
Adams street across (north) of Americainn motel.  Snakes seeking open sunny
areas on erosion control structure get entangled in plastic mulch
stabilizing mesh.  The failure of this project can be traced to the lack of
water diversion from the parking lot above.  Precipitation runs off of the
parking  lot and roof, moves across ATV trail at top of hill and then flows
down to Iron River, a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream.  The debris flow blocked a
nature path leading to trout fishing access locations along the otherwise
beautiful river.  Water must be diverted away from this access point; proper
erosion control techniques must be used and a new material to hold soil
until revegetation occurs needs to be identified and applied here and
elsewhere where the green mesh of death is being used.  (ok, ok, so green
mesh of death is a bit maudlin, but heck, it was pretty sickening).


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