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Re: E-M:/ Gerald Henning and MDA failure to respond: LSJ today

In a message dated 6/23/03 6:56:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, snakeman1549@yahoo.com writes:


Thanks. . .it's noted that the MI Commission of Agriculture has five members. Four were appointed by Engler and four received their agribusiness-minded educations from Michigan State University. Indeed, James Maitland, the Secretary, earned his "Bachelor of Science degree in agribusiness" from MSU in 1970. Does the Empire University, MSU, (which has cheerfully lent its president to loot Iraqi oil and serve war profiteers) still have such a degree? Or, more likely, is the agribusiness message sunk in bromides to "sustainable agriculture," and "integrated pest management?"

Moreover, can Governor Granholm simply remove these figures and request bodies  like the MDEQ Advisory Council of 25 to nominate others? Or, better yet, can she be encouraged to convene a Constitutional Convention to democratize the Wolverine state?

Environmental health policy is indeed strewn throughout state government, from MDA and Community Health to Consumer and Industry and Civil Rights. . .wonder if Civil Rights could weigh in on the brutal treatment of Gerald Henning?

Brian McKenna