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Re: E-M:/ Gerald Henning and MDA failure to respond: LSJ today

Enviro-Mich message from Paul Hans Steiner <steinerp@msu.edu>

As a soon to be graduating master's student from MSU in the Ag. Economics 
department (which houses the agribusiness degree), the agribusiness degree 
is still in existence at MSU and fairly popular.  It is only an 
undergraduate program, however graduate students can specialize in 
agribusiness (I choose environmental and natural resource economics).  The 
undergraduate program is primarily to be farmers and ag. buyers.  Well I 
can't speak much for the undergraduate program the department as a whole as 
a good split of business and environment oriented professors and research 
programs.  At least in the one class I T.A.'ed for this resulted in 
environmental concerns being presented along with business concerns.  The 
department recently started a new major that looks specifically at 
environmental policy and practices.  I'm not going to respond to the shots 
at MSU.

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