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Re: E-M:/ Gerald Henning and MDA failure to respond: LSJ today

Thanks Mr. Steiner,

To be sure, MSU has a flowering, er, metasizing, agribusiness program, with emphasis on the Skinnarian, "PROGRAM." A pogram of profiteers??. . . .See:


Let's peer in at their self-description:

"Agribusiness Strategy and Management
This area emphasizes the study of business and industry strategy and management within the context of the emerging global agri-food system. The work of faculty and students alike draws upon a unique marriage of economic thought and theory with management concepts and practice. Significant opportunities exist to apply these concepts and methods to firm and industry settings as diverse as Michigan's key agricultural subsectors, U.S. agri-food industries, and developing country food systems. Research and outreach programs focus on economic and management issues such as value-added processes, vertical coordination and supply chain strategies, and effective operations management of farm, agribusiness, and food firms."

wonder if  their curriculum includes works like "Hungry for Profit, The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment," (2000) edited by Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster and Frederick H. Buttel.



Gerald Henning can thank institutions like Empire University, MSU, for his complaints, which provides the "value added. . .vertical coordination and supply chain strategies," to carve up Michigan land in service to the hog farms. When the country becomes democratic, we can begin to encroach upon the prerogatives of BIG Capital, and its subset, BIG AG.

Brian McKenna