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Re: E-M:/ Gerald Henning and MDA failure to respond: LSJ today

Wake up and smell what really stinks in Michigan, the manure smells sweet by comparison.

Dear all,

What may even more outrageous is having MDA and MSU orchestrate this kind of problem by overtly and covertly repressing available technology that would help to address this issue statewide, this maintains the problem which we think is the actual goal. It serves at least three self serving purposes it keeps the farming and environmental community at odds, it keeps the possibility of research funding available for odor control products- already in the marketplace, and it keeps attorneys busy with both the farmer and his offended neighbors perhaps so that no one can get to close to examining a large part of solving the problem; the State of Michigan institutions and agencies themselves, that are playing both sides against the middle.

Flies and odor are ubiquitous companions of large amounts of manure or rotting vegetable matter.  Praxis on our family farm in Allegan Michigan compost up to 40,000 yards a year of yard waste and animal manure.  We do this without upsetting the neighbors, many of them unaware of our sustainable on farm static pile operation.  How is this possible you might ask?  We use our one of our own inventions, our Phase and Epona Biotool Kit TM products, we have been able to hugely reduce odor and flies that are capable of transmitting disease of major medical and veterinary importance. The use of our product through bioremediation traps nitrogen making the usefulness of the manure to the grower or farmer more important and traps the foul smelling amines, ketones and ammonia (reek and gag) substances so that they do not so grossly offend.  When a free market economy returns to Michigan agriculture (someday we hope) these problems can be solved by the genius of the American people if our bureaucrats stop misrepresenting the facts and end the misrepresentations of rules regulations and end comments that are tantamount to lies.  These products have been available for more than fifteen years and been kept hidden and their use officially and unofficially discouraged, why?  Is harming the quality of life in the name of "Right to Farm" the better path? I do not think so.


Samuel DeFazio,
2723 166th Ave
Allegan, MI 49010   269-673-2793   http://www.praxis-ibc.com

Praxis Waste Stream Products

Anam Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Environmental Poisons)  Bioremediation of pesticides, hydrocarbon toxins, petroleum products, industrial waste streams, brown fields.  Expedites the transition to organic farming.

Swine Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Forage) Pesticide free fly and odor control, waste treatment and storage lagoons  for swine, reduce non-point pollution.

Cast Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream) Waste water treatment plants  microbial argumentation and  bioremediation, improves compliance with DEQ and reduces odor.

Cowpens Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Forage) Pesticide free bovine fly and odor management.   Meadow management, reduce non-point pollution.

Epona Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Forage) Pesticide free biological control of flies and odor. Equine settings, large animal veterinary practices, riding, boarding, and breeding stables.  The Epona Biotool Kit" emphasizes reducing conflicts between the urban/suburban interface, addressing Right to Farm, rezoning conflicts, and nuisance law suits associated with keeping horses.

Loch Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Water Quality) Pesticide and herbicide free lake management. ponds, biological control of aquatic vegetation and mosquitoes.

Phase Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream Recovery) Pesticide free leaf and yard waste management, composting, odor control, bioremediation, biological control of associated pests directed to community based efforts.  Small communities without specialized equipment can compost their own yard waste.  This low input static pile method can support community based gardening, teaching gardens, or park maintenance.

Viren Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream).  Pesticide free golf courses , parks, turf, biological management of turf pests and turf diseases by competitive exclusion.

Zoon Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Closed System Animal Habitats) Pesticide free zoos, public aquariums, pet stores, nature centers and wildlife sanctuaries were pesticide use is impractical, not desirable, or prohibited.  Biological control is effective and economical alternative.

Tom Stephens wrote:
"Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech ... or the right of the people ... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." AMENDMENT I, US CONSTITUTION (1791)
"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of ... liberty, or property, without due process of law ..." AMENDMENT XIV (1868)
Even setting aside for a moment, for purposes of discussion, the utterly outrageous situation people face today, of which CAFOS in southeastern Michigan are a stinking example, that is, victimization by unaccountable government power at the service of giant corporations, and in virtually total disregard for the rights and welfare of individuals and communities, Mr. Vermeulen's statement about "if you really prefer to avoid Mr. Henning's situation" is quite beside the point, isn't it?  Nevertheless, I will refrain from using colorful, profane, and accurate swear words in this message, for fear of bruising anyone's tender sensibilities. But does any injustice ever get remedied, unless and until people get angry about it?
*&^%$# $#@!&*^  (*&^%$
Tom Stephens
Guild/Sugar Law Center
733 St. Antoine, 3rd Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48226 USA
(313) 962-6540
(Fax) (313) 962-4492
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Alternatively, if you really prefer to avoid Mr. Henning's situation, avoid discharging firearms in the direction of others, and avoid using profanity on recorded messages.
Ken Vermeulen
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E-M folks:

The story about the Ingham County Prosecutor going after Gerald Henning,
the 82 yr old farmer from near Hudson, MI, because of his frustrated and
irritated voice mail messages on the Michigan Department of
Agriculture's Right to Farm complaint line shows up on the front page of
the Lansing State Journal today.  Over the course of almost three years,
Mr. Henning lodged complaints with a virtually entirely non-responsive
MDA, while the problems continued totally unabated.

The LSJ story focuses on the free speech issues, and drastically
understates the horrific environmental and health consequences of the
CAFO next door that caused and continued to fuel Mr. Henning's response.
Prosecuting Gerald Henning is a classic case of blaming the victim --
the MDA folks who filed the complaints and the prosecutors should have
been forced to live in his house during the worst episodes before they
brought charges against him. If you want to know what life has been like
in the Hudson area for Mr. Henning and his neighbors with 10 CAFOs
having plopped down there, go to www.nocafos.org which is the website of
the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan

The Lansing State Journal story is at:

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