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E-M:/ Solar Kids Car at Lansing Art Festival

Date: June 25, 2003

Contact: Kristin Brooks at Urban Options (517) 337-0422


Solar Kids Car Takes a Spin in the Sun at Lansing Event

This Sunday, June 29th, the Urban Options Solar Kids Car will be a featured attraction at the 7th annual "Lansing Festival of Art . . . In the Park" event at Ferris Park in downtown Lansing. The solar kids car will be available for rides for children from 1pm-5pm*.

The solar powered kids car is the newest addition to the Urban Options interactive "Renewables are Ready!" display. The converted Powerwheels Jeep has a solar panel attached as a roof supplying the Jeep’s battery with solar power. Normally battery-powered kids cars need to be recharged after a couple of hours of use. However in sunny conditions, the Urban Options solar car is continually recharged by the sun and does not need to stop to "refuel."

The "Lansing Festival of Art . . . In the Park" event is sponsored by Lansing’s Downtown Neighborhood Association. The event runs from 11am-5pm and features artist booths, live music, restaurant booths, local authors, an Impression 5 exhibit, and a children’s mural that will hang in City Hall. Ferris Park is located two blocks north of the Capitol.

The solar kids car and "Renewables are Ready!" display are available for local events and school demonstrations. Urban Options also welcomes student groups, families, residents and all interested parties to visit the car and tour the Energy and Environmental Demonstration House at 405 Grove Street, East Lansing. Please contact Kristin for Urban Options tour information and event requests.

*Weather permitting.

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Urban Options helps people improve the environment and save money by using energy and other resources more efficiently.

We fulfill this mission by furnishing information, educational programs, demonstrations, and services that encourage practical actions people can take in their homes, businesses, and neighborhoods.

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