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E-M:/ Wednesday Smog is High

At 3 PM eastern standard time, 14 out of 24 MDEQ air quality
monitors in Michigan are at or above 100 ppb - 1 hour average....I cannot
remember seeing such a situation since I've been tracking
ozone for the the last several years.

Coloma, Holland, Muskegon, Jenison, Evans, Rose Lake,
Otisville, Tecumseh, Ypsilanti, Oak Park, Detroit 7 mile,
Warren, New Haven and Port Huron are all over 100 ppb
at 3 pm standard time.   A few of these monitors have been
over 100 ppb for 4-5 hours already today.

New Haven and Port Huron were at 131 and 125 ppb respectively....
over the old health standard for 1 hour exposure for 3 PM, but
the latest hour shows Port Huron at 144 ppb...very high air pollution.

 Two hours ago, Warren was at 125 ppb.

The Tecumseh monitor shows that air coming into Michigan is
well over 100 ppb, 1 hour average.

AT 3 PM standard time, 11 out of 24 air monitors are showing
8 hour concentrations over the new health standard number of
85 ppb.

Note that reported results on the maps are an hour old as they
are eastern standard time.   Click on the monitoring station to
show a graph with the latest hour when you look at
"current 1 hour" and "current 8 hour"

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