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E-M:/ Wed, 6/25/03 EPA Ozone Episode Maps

Yesterday, Wednesday-6/25/03, was one of the worst ozone/smog episodes
in Michigan in recent years and probably also for Ohio and Southern
Ontario areas as well. 

I have taken the liberty of downloading and making available at the
following locations EPA's AirNow maps for yesterday.   You can
also get them by going to http://www.epa.gov/airnow  but I thought
I'd make this easy for everyone to see and get.

The color scheme key is available at
http://www.epa.gov/airnow/aqibroch/aqi.html#5    (scroll down to the AQI for
ozone)    Most importantly, red means "unhealthy" and orange means "unhealthy for
sensitive groups" [like asthmatics]

Below are URLs for the midwest peak 1 hour exposure and peak 8 hour
exposure maps.



Below are URLs for the United States and Canada peak 1 hour exposure and peak 8 hour exposure maps.



Below are two long files, about 0.7 MB and 0.5 MB, which are animation showing hour by hour measured 8 hour averages for a 24 hour period yesterday for
the US and Canada and also for the Midwest.



The maps show significant transboundary transport of ozone from
the United States into Canada.   

Long range transport background plus the Metro Detroit plume
shows impacts in deep southern Ontario  and all the way up to
the Bruce Peninsula in Canada with condition "Red" air pollution.

Metro Detroit itself was almost certainly affected by transport yesterday
from Southern Indiana.

Transport from the Chicago area shows condition "Red" impacts in Wisconsin's
Door Peninsula and all the way into the Eastern Central Upper Peninsula
of Michigan.

Remarkably, long range transport from the United States shows condition
"orange" impacts all the way to the Northeastern shores of the Lake Superior
in Northern Ontario.

Given this kind of pollution impact on the ground, it is indeed unfortunate
that the Clean Air Act of the United States is under such attack by
both industry and President Bush.

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