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E-M:/ Final version of MDA news release on biocontrols from 2001

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Biological controls important option for Michigan residents, agriculture

In conjunction with National Pollution Prevention Week, Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) Director Dan Wyant today highlighted the use of biological controls as one way Michigan residents, schools, businesses and the state’s agriculture industry can effectively manage pests and reduce pollution.

Biological control is the use of living organisms that act as natural enemies in controlling pests. It can be used to reduce pesticide use and the risk of health and environmental impacts.

“MDA’s top priorities include ensuring consumer protection, food safety and environmental stewardship,” Wyant said. “One way these goals can be accomplished is through the use of biological controls, which can be a safe and effective approach when used appropriately. As with all pest management strategies, it is critical to correctly and comprehensively identify all advantages and disadvantages of a particular strategy.”

Some of the keys to successfully using biological controls are properly identifying the pest, accurately estimating the population, obtaining the correct natural enemies, following release directions correctly, and monitoring the effectiveness control.

For more information on Michigan biological control companies, visit MDA’s web site at www.mda.state.mi.us.

MDA is the official state agency charged with serving, promoting and protecting the food, agriculture and agricultural economic interests of the people of the state of Michigan. Its programs serve all sectors of agriculture, which is Michigan’s second-largest industry.

 (This news release can also be viewed at www.mda.state.mi.us)