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Re: E-M:/ Water Coalition Rallies outside Granholm's neighborhood for water protection and basic human rights

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If true, this sounds like Granholm operating exactly like
George Bush did when he was governor when he used the
Texas Department of Public Safety to suppress demonstrations
in front of the Texas governor's mansion....an incident that
led to litigation......  and shows the Michigan State Police acting
like the Crawford Texas sheriff in suppressing public
demonstrations near Bush's Texas retreat.....incidents
that happened recently.

At 06:59 PM 6/29/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>
>Press Release
>For Immediate Release
>Massasauga Earth First!
>June 29, 2003
>Granholm is Afraid of the Truth about Water
>Protection: Denies Citizens Access to Her Neighborhood
>to Talk to Her Neighbors About Her Policies Concerning
>Northville, MI—Sunday evening, Governor Granholm
>called out the state police to deny citizens access to
>her neighborhood to talk to her neighbors about ending
>water shut offs to Michigan residents and protecting
>the state’s water from diversion. Eight state police
>cars were deployed to selectively deny protestors
>access to the neighborhood and to prevent people from
>talking to passer-bys. Close to 50 people showed up to
>talk about the need for water policy that protects the
>environment and respects basic human rights.
>The citizens regrouped on the sidewalk outside of the
>neighborhood in order to avoid arrest. As they
>attempted to talk to people walking or bicycling by,
>officers informed them that they would be arrested if
>they did not get a permit to “solicit.”
>“Apparently in Northville, it is illegal for people to
>talk to each other, or to give each other information
>about an issue in the community,” said Marie Mason.
>“We are exploring whether we can file a lawsuit over
>the officers preventing us from expressing our first
>amendment rights.”
>“Obviously, it is not really illegal to talk to people
>in a neighborhood, especially if you are not asking
>for money,” said Colleen Eno. “The reality of it is
>that Granholm does not want to have her image of being
>a friend of people and the environment tarnished. She
>is afraid of people exposing her as just another
>corporate puppet.”
>The Governor is supporting the expansion of the Ice
>Mountain water bottling plant in Mecosta County,
>Michigan. She recently issued the corporation 5
>permits for new wells. These wells will allow Ice
>Mountain to increase their pumping from the 400
>gallons a minute they currently draw from their
>original two wells. Ice Mountain is drawing water from
>the Lake Michigan watershed, and diverting the water
>out of the Great Lakes region. The diversion is
>causing environmental damage to the tri-lakes area of
>Mecosta County, with many of the streams and lakes
>experiencing significant drops in their levels.
>Governor Granholm has previously stated that she is
>against water diversion, and more specifically that
>she is against the Ice Mountain bottling factory. Ice
>Mountain does not pay anything for the water, and
>received a $10 million tax break to set up the
>At the same time as she is supporting the expansion of
>Ice Mountain, she is overseeing government policies
>that allow thousands of citizens in Detroit and
>Highland Park to be denied access to water. The state
>has taken over the city of Highland Park.
>“Water is a human right,” said Steven Jackson. “No one
>can deny another access to it for any reason. What
>Granholm is doing to the people of Highland Park is
>criminal. People are being thrown out of their homes
>and having their children taken away because of her
>neglect.”[The state removes children from homes
>without water, places them in foster care, and often
>pays more to the foster parent than the original water
>Thousands in Highland Park are without water because
>of the state’s erratic billing process. Residents
>there pay the highest water rates in the entire
>country, despite Highland Park being one of the most
>impoverished communities in the country. It is not
>uncommon for residents to receive $1000+ quarterly
>water bills, to be back billed for quarters they have
>already paid, and/or charged for water when their
>service has been shut off.
>“Granholm has shown that she is more concerned with a
>multinational corporation’s bottom line than the
>welfare of the citizens she purports to represent,”
>said Frank Ambrose.  “By calling out the state police
>to prevent us from informing her neighbors about her
>irresponsible behavior only shows that she knows what
>she  is doing is wrong. If she thought it was ok, she
>would be proud to have us promoting her policies.”
>contact: Marie Mason, Massasauga Earth First!,
>Frank Ambrose, Massasauga Earth First!, 313-580-7484
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