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E-M:/ Sierra Club warns about Bush admin spoiling your Michigan vacation

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

FOR RELEASE: July 1, 2003			Contact: Wendy Balazik,
Sierra Club 
Coordinator at 202-675-2383
						        or Anne Woiwode,


Washington, DC: As Americans head on their Fourth of July vacations, the
Sierra Club is reminding families that the Bush Administration is making
it easier for corporations to spoil many of their favorite get-away
spots. The Sierra Club is running a new TV ad this week in Lansing
citing several specific examples of how Bush Administration is allowing
corporations to clearcut National Forests, pollute the Great Lakes with
mercury, and drill National Seashores.

"We're letting people know that the Bush Administration is allowing
corporations to threaten their favorite beaches, lakes and forests,"
said Sierra Club Legislative Director Debbie Sease.  "Why is the Bush
Administration not enforcing the laws that keep our air clean, our water
safe and our beaches beautiful?  Americans know there's a better way to
treat the land that we love. Thirty years of progress has taught us that
if we enforce the laws and use existing technology to protect our clean
air, water and wild lands, we can help the economy and protect our
children's legacy at the same time."

To view the ad, go to

The humorous ad features images of serene summer holiday locations that
are invaded by corporate executives intent on putting up oil rigs on our
beaches and off our coasts, logging our National Forests and polluting
our lakes with more mercury from coal power plants:

Ad script: "This summer, you could have unexpected company on vacation.
That's because the Bush administration is allowing corporations to go
everywhere you want to go...They're making it easier for industry to
drill our National Seashores, dump more mercury into the Great Lakes,
clear-cut more of our National Forests, and they're standing silent
while the oil industry makes plans to drill off our beaches.  Call the
President.  Tell him to protect our beaches, lakes and forests  [Sigh] I
thought those guys would never leave."



 On Nov. 21, 2002, the Bush Administration approved permits to BNP
Petroleum Co. to drill natural gas wells in Padre Island National
Seashore in Texas. 

 The Bush Administration's Clear Skies proposal announced last year
allows more mercury to be released from power plants than under the
existing Clean Air Act.  By 2010 the Bush Administration's plan could
allow up to 520 percent more mercury pollution.   Mercury released into
the air then rains back down to Earth and ends up in Michigan lakes,
rivers and streams, including the Great Lakes, where mercury pollution
is already a serious problem resulting in fish advisories warning the
public about the dangerous levels of mercury in local fish.

 The Bush Administration recently weakened the Roadless Area
Conservation Rule, exempting the Tongass and Chugach National Forests,
cutting out a quarter of the lands protected in the rule and creating a
loophole allowing governors to exempt National Forests in their states
from protections from logging. 

 The Bush Administration did not take a position on the Graham
Amendment to the Senate Energy bill, which would have prevented the bill
from opening the door to drilling off-shore with a dangerous and
invasive inventory program.  The technology needed to explore areas
currently off-limits to off-shore drilling would themselves have
dangerous impacts on marine life and their home.

The ad ends by urging views to call President Bush and tell him to
protect our beaches, lakes and forests.  The ad will run in New
Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada through the
holiday weekend.

For copies and scripts of the ad, visit www.sierraclub.org/pressroom/
Or call 202-675-2383

Anne Woiwode, Staff Director, Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter
109 East Grand River Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48906
517-484-2372; fax 517-484-3108  anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org
visit the Mackinac Chapter on the web at http://michigan.sierraclub.org

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