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Re: E-M:/ the demonstration against Governor Granholm

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

To clarify what happened and what we are intending to

As for the number of police: There were 2 troopers at
either of the entrances to Woodside Dr. One posted at
a middle street leading into the neighborhood, and a
couple inside the neighborhood and on roving patrol
outside the neighborhood. There were also 3 northville
squad cars there. Also, there was one state trooper
monitoring the Highland Park meeting point.

On Thursday at Granholms house, she had a for sale
sign with realator info. There had also been an
article stating she had moved. She still owns the
house, and presumably has some sort of relationship
with her neighbors, and is still part of the
neighborhood association. This action was as much to
talk to her neighbors as it was to talk to Granholm at
her house. In fact, many came out to look at the
protest (we couldnt talk to them, as we were not
prepared to push the issue with arrests).

On Sunday, Sgt. Michael Shaw of the state police met
us at the entrance and allowed my car to drive
through. He told us that lansing had called down to
tell him to help the Northville police out in policing
the neighborhood. There was a northville cop at her
house, and the for sale sign had been taken down.
another state trooper pulled up behind us from a side
street when he flagged us down to tell us the protest
rules again. 

As for the new permits, I stand firmly behind the
statement that Granholm is responsible for them. They
may have been issued by the county health board, but
Granholm can still stop them from happening. She can
be involved in pressuring health boards, she can
implement WRDA and shut down the entire operation, she
can inform the DEQ that they are to revoke the permits
for the existing wells, she can force Ice Mountain
into not bypassing the state to get their new wells,
etc. Nestle is not just looking at monitoring these
sites, they are or are soon to build a transfer
station of m-10 to truck the water to the plant. 

She can stop them from breaking the issue up into a
thousand little local permits and make them deal with
it comprehensively. We need to  make sure that we look
at the issue comprehensively as well, and not just
allow ourselves to be fragmented into dealing with
every little thing individually because that is how
the corporations are strategically choosing to go
about gaining access to our state. We need to be able
to go after the people that can make the issue
comprehensive, and we cannot afford to be afraid to
ruffle feathers and make those responsible
uncomfortable and downright miserable until we get
what we want. I havent even begun to talk about the
water shut off issue and how it is related to Ice

Granholm is one of the people that can make all the
little permits and issues one big fight. She is a
presure point whether she likes it or not. She may say
nice things, but actions speak louder than words. Just
because she says nicer things than Engler, her actions
to date have not been any different. She should not be
treated any differently than he was. 

Hope this clarifies some of the issues.


PS- Even on the micro scale, she could have called her
neighborhood association and asked for one evening of
tolerance (if it was really the assoc. that requested
we not be allowed in).  

--- Dave Dempsey <davedem@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey"
> <davedem@hotmail.com>
> Two postings earlier today about a demonstration at
> the former residence of 
> Governor Granholm implied that the right of citizens
> to protest peaceably 
> against government policies was denied. If true,
> that would be upsetting. I 
> decided to check into the story and find out what
> state officials had to 
> say.  Their answers to my questions follow below.
> Keep up the peaceful protests. I hope concerned
> citizens will direct their 
> energies at least as vigorously toward the Michigan
> Legislature, which has 
> been gutless so far this year in fulfilling its
> duties to enact strong water 
> conservation standards legislation, not to mention
> water pollution permit 
> fees. The Legislature is opening the door to the
> export of Great Lakes water 
> by the truckload, if not the lakeload. This could
> damage Michigan's future 
> irrevocably. Perhaps some members of that august
> legislative body would 
> benefit from a citizen education project.
> 1. The governor does not live where the
> demonstration took place anymore.
> 2. The subdivision has private roads, not public.
> The subdivision 
> neighborhood association made the call to the
> Northville Township police 
> saying it did not want the protesters in their
> neighborhood. The state 
> police merely monitored the situation at the request
> of Northville Township. 
> There were 3 state police cars there -- not 8.
> 3. State police allowed one of the protesters of the
> group to drive through 
> the subdivision to see that the house was
> unoccupied.
> 4. State and local police provided the alternative
> for the protesters, 
> across the street on the sidewalk where they held
> their protest.
> 6. Northville Township has a local ordinance against
> passing out leaflets. 
> The township police choose to enforce this ordinance
> when the protesters 
> started passing out literature. (My note: this is an
> absurd infringement on 
> free speech rights.)
> 7. The five new wells that were issued recently in
> conjunction with the 
> Nestle/Perrier project were issued by the County
> Health Department for 
> monitoring, in conjunction with the county's local
> sanitary code. There was 
> no state role in those permits.
> -
> Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady &
> Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
> -
> If true, this sounds like Granholm operating exactly
> like
> George Bush did when he was governor when he used
> the
> Texas Department of Public Safety to suppress
> demonstrations
> in front of the Texas governor's mansion....an
> incident that
> led to litigation......  and shows the Michigan
> State Police acting
> like the Crawford Texas sheriff in suppressing
> public
> demonstrations near Bush's Texas
> retreat.....incidents
> that happened recently.
> At 06:59 PM 6/29/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> --
> >Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose
> <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>
> --
> >
> >Press Release
> >For Immediate Release
> >Massasauga Earth First!
> >June 29, 2003
> >
> >Granholm is Afraid of the Truth about Water
> >Protection: Denies Citizens Access to Her
> Neighborhood
> >to Talk to Her Neighbors About Her Policies
> Concerning
> >Water
> >
> >Northville, MI-Sunday evening, Governor Granholm
> >called out the state police to deny citizens access
> to
> >her neighborhood to talk to her neighbors about
> ending
> >water shut offs to Michigan residents and
> protecting
> >the state's water from diversion. Eight state
> police
> >cars were deployed to selectively deny protestors
> >access to the neighborhood and to prevent people
> from
> >talking to passer-bys. Close to 50 people showed up
> to
> >talk about the need for water policy that protects
> the
> >environment and respects basic human rights.
> >
> >The citizens regrouped on the sidewalk outside of
> the
> >neighborhood in order to avoid arrest. As they
> >attempted to talk to people walking or bicycling
> by,
> >officers informed them that they would be arrested
> if
> >they did not get a permit to "solicit."
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