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E-M:/ Wednesday Smog Report....Thursday Smog day

Wednesday wasn't declared an Ozone Action day in Michigan by MDEQ,
although Ontario declared for today.   MDEQ declares Thursday as
an Ozone Action Day.

Details at:



At 9 PM Wednesday, the MDEQ's web site shows the Detroit area
with elevated ozone/smog for 8 hour averages.  Level of
health standard is 85 ppb for 8 hour average.

Warren   105 ppb   (7 hours over 100 ppb....a very bad day in warren)
Detroit-7 mile, east   98  (4 hours over 100 ppb)
Oak Park   86  
Detroit, Linwood (west side)  94  (4 hours over 100 ppb)
Ypsilanti  89

West side of state...
Scottville  91
Benzonia  86   (two recent hours at 100 ppb)



An Ozone Action! Day Advisory is being issued for Thursday, July 3rd

An Ozone Action! Day Advisory is being issued for Thursday, July 3rd


Weak high pressure will continue to hold back a frontal boundary currently located in the northern plains states. This will provide most of Michigan with partly cloudy skies and hot temperatures, warming to the mid to upper 80's. The exception will be the Upper Peninsula, where some shower and thunderstorm activity is developing ahead of a stationary frontal boundary located in Canada. This activity should stay north of the southern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, however. Meanwhile, an upper-level disturbance could spark off an isolated thunderstorm or two in the southern Lower Peninsula. But most areas will continue to be hot and dry, with light and variable winds and party cloudy skies. Thursday winds will pick up in speed and become more southwesterly. This will also help nudge the temperatures up a degree or two, with maximums around the 90 degree mark, and partly cloudy skies. As the frontal boundary to our west approaches, there will be an increasing chance of precipitation as we head into Friday.


8-hour ozone concentrations, which had an AQI of moderate at most locations on Tuesday, will rise today and tomorrow. Our current airmass is stagnant and is cut off from any organized flow. Expect 8-hour ozone concentrations to reach an AQI of moderate today, with several areas experiencing an AQI of unhealthy for sensitive groups. This will be especially true along the Lake Michigan shoreline. If you are sensitive to ozone, please take all necessary precautions to ensure your health. At this time, Thursday poses the greatest threat for elevated ozone levels, with the likelihood of widespread 8-hr concentrations with an AQI of unhealthy for sensitive groups. Therefore, an Ozone Action! Day advisory is being called for both West and Southeast Michigan for Thursday, July 3rd. Should rain be evident in Friday's forecast, an improvement in the air quality is possible. This forecast will be reevaluated tomorrow to utilize the latest meteorological data in making a forecast for Friday.

Forecast updated: Wednesday, July 2nd by Neal Conatser

Next update: Thursday, July 3rd by Jim Haywood

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