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E-M:/ Detroit River's Sugar Island Threatened

Sugar Island is a beautiful forested high-ground 34 acre island just east of Grosse Ile in the Detroit River. During the early Twentieth Century it held an amusement park but has been uninhabited for at least fifty years. The owner of this privately held island has resisted efforts of conservancy groups to purchase it. Development of the island is not feasible without a bridge. The owner of the Island is now seeking authority to construct a bridge between Grosse Ile and Sugar Island. Both the development of the Sugar Island and the presence of a bridge over this aesthetic and heavily used river channel are abhorrent.

FDR is circulating a nonlegal, advisory petition in opposition to the bridge to
Sugar Island. Anyone can sign it. Age is not important. Voter
Registration is not-important.

The petition is directed to the U.S. Coast Guard authority that administers bridge construction, hence the language of the petition deals with bridge issues and not the natural ecology of the island which is what's really at stake. We wish to impress the US Coast Guard with opposition that is both deep and wide.

Since Enviromich will not accept attachments, I will try sending the petition in a separate mailing, if that doesn't work, you will have to contact Bob Burns (subburns@islandconnection.net) for a copy as Blair and I will be out of town. Please circulate and submit petitions to the address on the form.
July 16 is the dead line!!

Friends of the Detroit River Riverkeeper Committee
Bob Burns (the Keeper)  subburns@islandconnection.net
John Covert                   fineart3@aol.com
Blair Mc Gowan             blairj@gatecom.com