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E-M:/ Yesterday's smog, Macomb tops the US

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Northern Macomb County and a small area south of
Barstow, California had the highest "condition red" ozone air pollution
yesterday in the United States for one hour exposures,
according to imagery from http://www.epa.gov/airnow .

New Haven had 3 hours over the old 1 hour health standard
which, for all practical purposes, is still in effect;   New Haven
had 6 hours over 100 ppb and 3 hours at 131, 131 and 130.   These
are the kinds of peak numbers which were not supposed to happen in SE Michigan
in the best of all possible worlds under the Engler-proposed Michigan State 
Implementation Plan

This now becomes Jeniffer Granholm's problem.

With last week's record severe ozone episode and what happened yesterday at
New Haven, the Southeastern Michigan air quality control region must
be considered legally in violation of the old ozone standard which is still
in effect until the new standard is implemented.  In addition, there is a
federal rule which placed conditions on SE Michigan alleged "attainment" of
the national ambient air quality standard of ozone which kicks in "contingent
measures" if the standard was ever violated.   This has now happened.

The old health standard allowed an expected exceedance of 1.0 or less of
days with hours at or over 125 ppb 1 hour average in a three year period.
Four such days means the expected exceedances exceed 1.0 per year.

New Haven

6/27/01   127
6/24/03   135
6/25/03    131
7/03/03     131

Port Huron

6/29/01   126
6/25/02   140
6/25/03  133
6/25/03   144

quod erat demonstratum (assuming all 2003 gets validated)

[the data above may have omitted 1 hour excursions in 2002
occurring after June, 2002....that data not readily available off of the web]

If this holds, there is basis for now requiring Michigan to implement
controls on gasoline station pumps to control tank filling emissions
which are uncontrolled in Michigan --- a major pollution source.

PS....talked with an MDEQ air pollution meteorologist earlier this
week who said that last wednesday smog episode had the statewide
average of all MDEQ ozone monitors for maximum 8 hour exposure
at 105 ppb.....something he cannot ever remembering as happening
in the state.

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