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E-M:/ Michigan Farmers are being encouraged to grow GMO Bt Corn and BtPotatoes.

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Michigan State University is actively engaged in developing new GMO crop plants and animals, Michigan State Extension agents frequently recommend the use of these plants in their "recommendations" to Michigan farmers, the very real risks associated with growing these crops are often ignored, trivialized and sometimes are factually misrepresented. Much more public oversight is required of MSU and MDA marketing and promotional efforts for pesticides, pesticide application services and GMO's than is presently in place, which it is my understanding is none.


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Dangerous gene products are incorporated into crops

Bt proteins, incorporated into 25% of all transgenic crops worldwide, have been found harmful to a range of non-target insects. Some of them are also potent immunogens and allergens. A team of scientists have cautioned against releasing Bt crops for human use.

Food crops are increasingly used to produce pharmaceuticals and drugs, including cytokines known to suppress the immune system, induce sickness and central nervous system toxicity; interferon alpha, reported to cause dementia, neurotoxicity and mood and cognitive side effects; vaccines; and viral sequences such as the ‘spike’ protein gene of the pig coronavirus, in the same family as the SARS virus linked to the current epidemic. The glycoprotein gene gp120 of the AIDS virus HIV-1, incorporated into GM maize as a ‘cheap, edible oral vaccine’, serves as yet another biological time-bomb, as it can interfere with the immune system and recombine with viruses and bacteria to generate new and unpredictable pathogens.

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