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E-M:/ Conference - religious community & climate change

For the sake of creation - save these dates!    Sept. 14 - 15, 2003

"Global Warming and God's People II :  Revisiting Our Call to Protect Creation"
Sunday, Sept. 14 (5pm) - Monday, Sept. 15, 2003  
St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt, MI

In June 1999, the Michigan faith community launched the MI Interfaith Climate Change Campaign with a special conference attended by nearly 100 people from diverse faith traditions, who shared a common concern about the profound impacts of global warming on all of creation. 

JOIN US, as we gather together again to pool our resources and empower one another, to address the ongoing degradations of the Earth …

· Now, with a national energy bill still being fought over in Congress …
· Now, with an EPA 'environmental status' report selectively edited by the
  White House to diminish and dismiss sections on climate change…
· Now, with ongoing and new reports by scientists urging prompt action, to
  lessen the worst effects of a warming climate within our,
  and our children's, lifetimes …

To protect creation for future generations, NOW is the time for people of faith in Michigan to gather once again to pray together, to learn together, and to commit to action together in voice and deed. This conference will feature an update on current climate change science and the projected impacts to Michigan, a panel of religious leaders speaking on the prophetic tradition, and provide the tools you need to be an effective advocate for the Earth.

Sponsored by Voices for Earth Justice (VEJ), the Michigan Interfaith Climate & Energy Campaign (MI-ICEC), and the Michigan Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (MI-COEJL)

Contacts for more information / registration brochure:
MI-ICEC Kim Winchell   SeptClimateConf@aol.com   (989) 695-2402
MI-COEJL  Sara Bernstein   mi-coejl@jfmd.org            (248) 642-5393