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E-M:/ SpeedLink -- practical transportation alternaitve for Southeast Michigan

Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) is a public/private partnership that brings together leaders from business, labor, and government to address public policy issues affecting the economic vitality and quality of life in Southeast Michigan.  MAC recommends creating SpeedLink to help meet the region’s current and future transportation needs.  SpeedLink is an integrated, cost-effective rapid transit system that will offer fast, frequent, comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation to all of metro Detroit’s citizens, drivers and non-drivers alike.

It will be a three-tiered system, comprising:

  • SpeedLink – a “train on tires” that will deliver frequent rapid transit service seven days per week on a 12-line, 259-mile regional SpeedLink network.
  • InterLink – traditional buses for longer journeys that don’t require high-speed service, or for journeys linking one high-speed line with another.
  • HomeLink – flexible, neighborhood-based service using smaller vehicles to take people to local stores, medical facilities, schools, and parks as well as SpeedLink stations.

See attached link to website and 8.5 minute video about Speedlink.


Southeast Michigan needs a rapid transit service to be a worldclass metropolitan area! 

John Hartig, Detroit River Navigator