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E-M:/ Conservation Summit Mid-Michigan Regional Meeting

Conservation Summit - Mid-Michigan Regional Meeting Interested in environmental and conservation policy in Michigan?  Come to the Conservation Summit regional meetings and then attend the big CONSERVATION SUMMIT 2003 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing on September 4.

The next regional meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 22, 2003 from 1:30 - 4:00 pm at the Bengal Wildlife Center.

Through this process, we will be constructing and shaping an agenda for Michigan's future and we want to bring every member of Michigan's environmental and conservation community together around a common, focused agenda for positive change.

Bengal Wildlife Center: (517-641-7677) The Bengal Wildlife Center is located off of I-69 just northeast of Lansing.  Take the Bath/Webster Rd. Exit (Exit 92) off I-69 and go north approximately 1/2 mile to Drumheller Rd.  Turn east (right) and go another 1/2 half mile to our entrance on the right.

OBJECTIVES:  The Conservation Summit identifies issues and policy changes needed to conserve Michigan's natural resources in these fiscally challenging times. We hope to refine the prior work through reviewing the list of proposed issues and focusing our collective efforts on moving agenda items forward.  Our goal is a positive experience that concentrates on identifying areas of agreement, and setting aside areas where consensus cannot be reached.

The Agenda crafted in 2001 received the approval of many conservation and environmental organizations across the state.  We seek to continually review and improve the process in order to become more successful in the future.

REGIONAL MEETINGS: Regional Meetings around the state will allow individuals and organizations to have an early input in the Agenda for 2004. A final document will be finalized at the Summit on September 4, 2003.


Regional Meetings - April 11, 2003 through August 5, 2003 - we have completed 4 regional meetings so far.
Final draft for organization review - August 15, 2003
Conservation Summit - September 4, 2003
Final document sent to participants for endorsements - September 22,
Endorsement period ends - October 30, 2003
Formatting / Final Printing - November 30, 2003


1. At all meetings, the discussion will remain positive focusing on
areas of agreement.  Parties may raise other issues, but if broad
consensus does not exist for a particular issue or position it will not
be included in the final document.

2. All participants will respect the diverse views that exist throughout
the state and listen to what other participants have to say.  Any
critique should be focused on the policy being discussed.

3. All efforts will be made to give organizations sufficient time to
review proposed documents prior to the September 4, 2003 meeting
to avoid question or concerns being raised during the endorsement

4. The issue advocacy addressed in the Summit will remain within the
scope of permitted activities of charitable tax-exempt entities. For more information, visit www.MichiganLCV.org and click on "Issues."
Please join us.

James Clift
Michigan Environmental Council
(517) 487-9539