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Re: Fwd: E-M:/ Detroit News blames wetlands for mosquitos

Dear all,

This kind of unfortunate article is evidence of a poor science education and environmental illiteracy. Natural wetlands have battalions and layers of biological control agents that control Mosquitoes naturally, which incidentally usually produce less than 5% of  mosquitoes generated in a typical retention basin of a similar size polluted with organic runoff, and or lawn or agricultural fertilizer. Algae and higher plants pull out excess nutrition in a wetland so less bacteria is available to feed hungry mosquito larvae.  Mosquitoes have viral and bacterial infections of their own often resident in established wetlands.  Predatory copepods, nematodes, Dictamus beetles, the larvae of damsel and dragonflies, less often present in manmade bodies of water add to Mosquito mortality in  established wetlands .  

One management method often purposely ignored is Bladerworts, native Michigan aquatic carnivores plants is not in any manmade water basins I have ever examined has been eliminated in many urban and farmland settings because of siltation and herbicide run-off from lawns and non point pollution from officially "recommended" biocideal agrochemical use, can eat millions of newly hatched mosquito larvae each season.  Insectivorous native minnow population numbers are also greatly reduced and for the same reason.  Responsible officials try to laugh this off, but it is anything but funny, actually it is tragically wrong.

 I think this is little discussed not because these dedicated life forms do not work, they do, but because it exposes the fact that the official public recommendations in the State of Michigan from MSU extension, MDA, and  mosquito management "experts" eliminates most and sometimes all of these life forms in a single spray pass.  Making the public completely dependent on the pesticide approach, that is not especially effective, costly in dollars and cents, environmentally damaging and not sustainable. Praxis the Vectus Biotool Kit product being used by the City of Allegan, City of Wayland and elsewhere mimics the natural wetland strategy in materials, methods and is sustainable.  There has not been a single Mosquito complaint from any Praxis treatment area reported to local officials.  This option is being interfered with, repressed and discouraged in our state at this time.   It is our option that apparently it is important in Lansing to maintain the lie that only pesticides not biological control are effective.  Effective local, community run, low cost management programs will mean central authority will be lost. The false and misleading claims from officials that biological doesn't work or dose not work well enough for the public to use is nonsense, this is not factual nor is it an acceptable position for the state to hold in my opinion.

Also sad is the continued misrepresentation of pesticide risk and false "safety" claims made by State of Michigan public officials to promote, endorse and encourage pesticide use and allocation services to a point that any reasonable observer would call marketing or selling something that MSU/MDA try to deny.  Please see companion posting "Non- Factual Information from MSU professor  MSU Toxicologist, another in a very long list of risk communication errors."

Samuel M. DeFazio
2793 116th Ave
Allegan, MI 49010   269-673-2793   http://www.praxis-ibc.com

E-M:/ Detroit News blames wetlands for mosquitos
Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 04:51:23 -0700 (PDT)

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

This Detroit News editorial claims that local wetland
ordinances are contributing to the breeding of
mosquitos and subsequently, the transmission of West
Nile. Any care to comment?


Andrew Mutch

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