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Re: E-M:/ Vreba-Hoff statement misleads the public

Enviro-Mich message from David Holtz <holtzmec@voyager.net>

I think Chris Christoff and the Freep should be congratulated on a 
first-class examination of the CAFOS issue in Michigan.  It was a 
well-written series that is the best mainstream journalism on the 
subject to date that I've seen in this state.  These stories illuminate 
the problems with CAFOS in a way that average readers will appreciate.  
Of course Vreba-Hoff should be held accountable for its misleading 
statements. But the facts reported by the Freep speak for the 
themselves. Vreba-Hoff continues to pollute our waters, factory farms 
are grossly underregulated, and the "learning curve" statements of the 
polluters will be seen as self-serving by most readers. The Free Press 
did its job and did it well.

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