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E-M:/ Canada's Lake Superior Shoreline In Danger

Enviro-Mich message from Craig_Riley@URSCorp.com

Note: Forwarded text from a concerned Canadian received today 7/23/03

Information link on John Carlo Inc. excavating for paving materials on
private owned land on Canada's side of Lake Superior.  More interesting is
that it will be used for Michigan roads.

Dear Friends and Family,

We have learned that yet another American company is planning to come into
our beautiful country and rape it of it's resources. An American road
building company, one of the largest in Michigan, owns the largest
undeveloped piece of land on Lake Superior's Shoreline and they want to
blast the granite down to rubble and ship it to the states so that they can
build more roads in Michigan. If we do not stop these companies from taking
everything our land has to offer, we will have nothing left. It will
destroy our ecoindustry, kill our wildlife, kill our ecosystem and over all
end up killing our planet never mind destroying the beautiful scenery our
great country has to offer. It breaks my heart to know that we are being
robbed of our beauty so that companies can make the all mighty dollar. The
American companies can come into our country and strip mine all of our
resources and we can not. Nor should we want to. Without these resources
that nature ! has provided for us we are not only going to destroy our
beautiful land but we are going to kill the planet by allowing things like
this to go on.

I have attached a link to the article that speaks of this atrocity and I
have included the addresses of our members of government that I urge you to
write to. Please write to them and tell them that this needs to be stopped,
that we can not allow companies to keep raping our land of it's best and
most valuable attributes. I don't want to wake up one morning to find that
our entire country is a wasteland because we have sold everything to the


Environment Minister  Jim Wilson    minister@ene.gov.on.ca
Natural Resource Minister of Canada    Herb Dhaliwal
Natural Resource Minister of Ontario    Jerry Ouellette

Please put a stop to this and please forward this to everyone that you
know. If we don't start standing up for our country, we won't have a
country left to stand up for.

Thank you for your support.

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