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E-M:/ Steve Chester on out of state waste

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Too bad that MDEQ doesn't see the Holcim industrial waste
incineration proposal through the same lense as the waste
imports into Michigan issue.....

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July 23, 2003

Contact:  Patricia Spitzley
                  (517) 241-7397

DEQ Director Urges Congress to Empower States to Regulate the
Importation of Solid Waste

DEQ Director Steven E. Chester traveled to Washington D.C. today where
he testified before Congress urging them to provide states with the
ability to plan for the long-term disposal of solid waste by passing
legislation that will provide states with the tools to manage the
interstate transfer of solid waste.

"Michigan has paid a price for the ten years we've been waiting to
effectively manage disposal of solid waste within our borders," said
Director Chester.  "Total out-of-state imports of waste into Michigan
landfills rose to almost 12 million cubic yards in fiscal year 2002, up
from approximately 6.4 million cubic yards in fiscal year 1999.  This is
an increase of 81 percent with the largest individual source of waste
imports into Michigan originating from Canada."

Director Chester's testimony is on behalf of Governor Jennifer M.
Granholm who along with six other states wrote to the Chairman of the
Environment and Hazardous Materials Subcommittee of the Committee on
Energy and Commerce.  In that letter the six Governors requested an
expeditious markup of H.R. 1730 that would provide state and local
governments with the tools needed to reasonably limit the amount of
out-of-state and international waste that crosses their borders,
ensuring disposal capacity for their own state's solid waste and
assuring the protection of their state's natural resources.

"We in Michigan are asking Congress to provide the states with the
clear authority to adequately and comprehensively manage our need for
environmentally sound solid waste disposal," said Director Chester.
"This does not mean providing states with the authority to button up our
borders and exclude all imported waste, but providing states with the
ability to control the management of solid waste disposal in the best
interests of the local community and our states as a whole."


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