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E-M:/ Will Michigan Farmers loss our overseas trading partners? BiotechBullying: Bound to Backfire

Biotech Bullying: Bound to Backfire

Michigan and Michigan farmers stand to lose big.


Samuel DeFazio, Praxis

Unable to protect itself from the mounting bee swarm of its critics or bring new patented crops to market in the overwhelming majority of the countries of the world, Monsanto and the biotech industry have turned to the White House, the courts, the police, and the WTO in desperation. Among the mostrecent desperate tactics of the industry-all of which are likely to
backfire-are the following:

·        Bush's WTO Challenge. After years of threats, the Bush
administration filed a formal complaint May 13 with the World Trade
Organization to force the European Union, under the threat of a billion
dollars in fines, to accept GE crops and imports. Unfortunately for Bush and the Gene Giants, this move has done nothing but create more anger in the EU, with supermarkets, food manufacturers, farmers, and consumer groups vowing that they will never accept Frankenfoods, no matter what the WTO says. Responding to the Bush move, the European Union passed in July new strict labeling and traceability requirements for GE food, cooking oil, and animal feed. This will result in a major decrease in GMO animal feed exports fromNorth America to the EU.