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E-M:/ West Nile and the illiogic of pesticde spray programs.

Enviro-Mich message from Praxis <praxis1986@triton.net>

Dear all,

Praxis thinks there are some biological facts that need to be carefully 
considered before agreeing to any  pesticide spray management strategy.  

a) The EPA pesticide label on most pesticides fogged or sprayed for 
Mosquitoes reads "effective for 12-24 hours", Mosquito abatement 
districts are often spray once a week or less frequently. This means for 
six ( 6 ) or more days a week or with monthly applications 29 days a 
month there is little or no benefit from spraying, new adults hatch each 
day. The option is daily exposure to pesticides.

b) There is building scientific evidence that Mosquitoes sprayed but 
that do not die because of receiving a sub-lethal dose are better able 
to transmit the diseases they vector because of their own weakened 
immune system.

c) Also domestic animals and humans who are regularly exposed to 
relatively low levels of pesticide can develop weakened immune systems 
making them a more attractive host for the diseases vectored by Mosquitoes.

d) Mosquitoes that are sprayed on a regular basis will quickly become 
resistant to the pesticide, reducing our treatment options for emergency 
situations e.g.. a bio-terrorist situation using Mosquitoes as the 
delivery system.

e) Studies done on Long Island, New York showed that Mosquito 
populations increased on a swamp over a period of years that had been 
treated on a regular basis with adultacides in the summer months.

f) Ambient, existing natural biological control measures already in 
place will be greatly reduced or eliminated.  The option of 
non-pesticide pest management will be crippled or eliminated, at least 
for a period of time.

g) Pesticide drift will enter our homes, school, and workplaces and 
persist for days because it is protected from wind that would dilute it 
and carry it away and UV-light from the sun that would degrade it.

h) Adultacide use is significantly more costly than non-pesticide 

i)  Why are pesticide alternatives being repressed in Michigan?

Samuel  DeFazio
2723 116th Ave
Allegan, MI  49010   http://www.praxis-ibc.com  269-673-2793

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