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E-M:/ state to tackle childhood lead poisoning

It's good to know that after years of denial by the previous Administration that the problem of childhood lead poisoning is a serious issue, the new Governor and state departments are beginning to give this preventable plague the priority it deserves.
"Gov. Jennifer Granholm will issue a new plan today to tackle childhood lead poisoning in Michigan, including sending a letter to every new mother in the state about the hazards of lead and testing more children for lead poisoning, especially those who are eligible for Medicaid.
"The plan could also lead to fines against landlords who fail to fix a property that poisoned a child before renting it again. One of the plan's goals is already under way, as state environmental officials are investigating possible lead contamination at old smelters in Detroit."
Five years ago, MEC had to fight the Engler Administration tooth-and-nail to get even $5 million of the $675 million Clean Michigan Initiative devoted to lead abatement.
Congratulations to the Detroit Free Press for crusading, independent journalism that has moved this issue to the forefront of children's health concerns.