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E-M:/ Introducing Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

Subject: Introducing Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix"

For Immediate Release: August 4, 2003
Contact: Annie Strickler, (202) 675-2384

          Introducing Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix"
             Stay Energized And Aware On The Trail This Summer

Washington, D.C. --  As Congress heads out on August recess and summer
vacation season peaks, the Sierra Club is supplying many Capitol Hill
members with bags of trail mix for their outdoor adventures. Inspired by
the Bush Administration's environmental policies, "Sweet Deals Trail
is designed to keep energy levels high while informing people about the
threats to America's special places.

"Summer is the time when Americans explore our magnificent natural
treasures, and the Bush Administration is threatening to forever change
these special places," said Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director.
"Trail mix has long been a staple of the avid outdoor explorer, but
had to modify the ingredients to reflect Bush Administration policies
keep Americans energized and aware."

Whether people spend their vacations hiking in California, viewing
in the Rocky Mountains, paddling in the Pacific Northwest, fishing in
Florida, climbing in the Southwest, camping near the Great Lakes, or
rafting in West Virginia, this trail mix is a reminder that many of
places are in grave danger from a host of Bush administration proposals
that threaten to carve roads, punch oil wells, or otherwise impair these
lands that belong to all Americans.

"We're sure that four out of five dentists can see right through the
Administration's sugar-coated names for anti-environmental policies,
the Clear Skies plan which would allow polluters to pollute far more
the current law," said Pope.

          Recipe for Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix":

Swedish fish (mercury): The Bush Administration plans to allow more
released from power plants than under the existing Clean Air Act.
released from coal power plants rains back to earth and accumulates in
that are sometimes eaten by people. Communities around the country
people not to eat local fish because of high mercury content. Mercury
cause brain, lung, and kidney damage, as well as reproductive problems,
particularly in children.

Black Licorice (coal): The Bush Administration's energy plan encourages
increased use of coal while the Administration's Clear Skies Initiative
other changes to the Clean Air Act will weaken the protections we have
the pollution produced by coal.  Out of the entire electric industry,
coal-fired power plants contribute 96% of sulfur dioxide emissions, 93%
nitrogen oxide emissions, 88% of carbon dioxide emissions, and 99% of
mercury emissions.  These pollutants contribute to asthma-inducing smog,
acid rain, global warming and other public health risks.

Fireballs (wildfires): The Bush Administration used last summer's
to introduce the ill-named "Healthy Forests Initiative," a thinly-veiled
attempt to increase logging under the guise of "fuel reduction." Instead
using limited resources to protect homes and lives, the Bush
is ignoring sound science with a plan to allow timber companies to log
in the backcountry, miles from communities. This legislation passed in
House and now moves to the Senate.

Tootsie Rolls (logs): After failing to defend the landmark Roadless Area
Conservation Rule in court, the Bush Administration finally got around
axing the rule. By settling with the State of Alaska to exempt the
from the rule -- wiping out a full quarter of the protected area -- and
allowing individual states to seek exemptions, the Bush Administration
now moving forward to erase historic wild forest protections state by

Sticks of Gum (roads): Across the West, state and local governments are
exploiting a loophole in a vague, long-repealed road statute to lay
to thousands of miles throughout our public lands. Earlier this year the
Bush Administration reopened this loophole, known as RS2477 (Revised
Statute), that allows special interests the opportunity to criss-cross
America's National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, National Monuments,
Areas, and other special places with roads and development.

Gummi Bears (grizzly bears): Grizzly bears, protected by the Endangered
Species Act in 1975, are a key indicator of the health of wildland
ecosystems in the Western United States.  However, the Bush
has approved the proposed Rock Creek Mine under northwest Montana's
Mountains Wilderness, impacting the region's threatened grizzly bears
bull trout. The mining operation and associated activities would
disturb the handful of grizzlies clinging to existence in the area,
also destroying some of the best habitat left in the ecosystem.

Root Beer Barrels (oil barrels): Public lands across the West are being
targeted by the Bush Administration's unabashed efforts to dramatically
increase oil and gas leasing. In its first year, the Bush administration
increased the number of leases for oil and gas development and coal
on public lands by 51 percent. This spring, the Bureau of Land
approved the drilling of 82,000 new oil and gas wells in the Powder
Basin in Montana and Wyoming, including 66,000 coal bed methane wells,
which would span 12 million acres.

Rock Candy (mountaintop removal mining): The Bush administration and its
friends in the coal industry support a form of strip mining known as
"mountaintop removal mining." This practice blasts off the tops of
mountains and pushes the so-called "mining waste" into the mountain
below, forever burying the headwaters of some of West Virginia's
mountain streams.

Gum Coins (corporate donations): En route to the White House, President
Bush raised more than $191 million, and corporate lobbyists have since
swarming the nation's capital seeking paybacks. The Sierra Club has sued
the Bush Administration to find out exactly who the Cheney Energy Task
Force met with in secret. The American public deserves to know how much
influence polluting industries had over the Administration's destructive
energy policy that is the basis for the disastrous energy bill currently
before the Senate.

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