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Re: E-M:/ state to tackle childhood lead poisoning

Indeed, hats off to Governor Granholm. I too remember the struggle with Engler over the initial HUD funding for Michigan.  All that whining about the unfunded mandates imposed on inspectors and contractors. Then there was the pittance of CMI money allotted to lead poisoning and prevention. Good riddance to Engler and Company.

One of the most tragic aspects of lead poisoning is that it is 100% preventable. Education, education, education for everyone!  A mother of a lead burden child told me the pediatrician was not worried about her daughter's Pb level of 9. Her daughter is three years old. Want to guess what this child's level will be in another year?  CDC estimates that over half a million children have irreversible damage from elevated lead levels. Lead poisoning affects almost every system in the child's body. Even low levels of lead are associated with decreased intelligence and impaired behavioral development.

Governor Granholm was in Saginaw today with Representative Carl Williams. Carl also is to be commended for being a force behind childhood lead poisoning and prevention legislation and initiatives. No child should be placed behind the eight ball of learning.  Reaching their God given potential means living lead free. Hopefully Governor Granholm's efforts will bring about a concerted effort by everyone in Lansing to address this grave injustice to our children.

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council