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Re: E-M:/ state to tackle childhood lead poisoning

Remember tell a lie, tell a big lie and keep telling it.

Childhood Lead Poisoning, don't swallow the flack, push for full disclosure.  Follow the money.

Lead paint is only one source of this toxin in Michigan's living environments.

I also applaud our governors efforts to protect our children from lead poisoning.  However, when trying to actually solve a problem, not posturing, try examining the facts rather than believing convenient "blame the victim strategies" that "better living through chemistry", toady, chemical industry scientists/spin doctor solutions created to influence public and mislead hapless politicians that are trying to do the right thing.  Ironically, they are same individuals that work overtly and covertly each day to put our small non-pesticide environmental management company out of business (no alternative solutions is an important component to maintaining this lie). This scenario often goes unrecognized but is common in Michigan and used to defend the automobile, oil, chemical, and pesticide industry whose enormous deep pockets are still not deep enough to fix all the harm they have done to human health and the environment (pesticides, lead poisoning, over enrichment of the earths atmosphere with CO2, Cancer, etc.).

Camouflaging the facts is the goal, this widely used strategy that has proven wildly effective.  Specifically  to hide the truth in a sea of misinformation, use scientists and trusted public officials to deliver it; the sole beneficiary, is the offending parties, and of course their stockholders.  Is this the job given by the people of the State of Michigan to our government and our elected officials?

Apparently it is not politically convenient to identify the authentic sources of the problem at this time, even though it was identified by concerned public health officials in Michigan in the 1920's.  In a meeting held here in Michigan, back then, it was not acted on, in large part because of industry pressure, an unfortunate decision.  We are in the present day reaping the consequences, apparently it is still important to industry to maintain this lie and so much cheaper than facing the financial and ethical responsibility.  The artificial enrichment of select industries by laying the actual
(economic, health and environmental) costs off onto the general public with the assistance of the State of Michigan and Federal government must end.   E.g.. Non-factual pesticide safety claims are still going on today. They are still being made by State of Michigan employees at public meeting and in training sessions despite more than 15 years of documented formal complaints about this aberrant behavior.

Unleaded gasoline is now available at the pump.  Remember when gasoline used to be "leaded" to prevent knocking of the car engine that is the major an undressed source of lead poisoning. Millions of pounds of lead distributed in automobile exhaust is a major component of lead poisoning in Michigan.  In my own life experience as the oldest of six children, I have seen no child gnawing on the walls, eating paint chips, or licking the chalky powder of the lead based pigments applied as wall treatments.  I would ask each of you to examine your own lives and try and remember if your experience is similar to mine.

A humble proposal.  The polluter Pays.

The lead is in our parks, on our playgrounds, it is still in the dust we breath, our farms, our lawns our gardens on our highway margins, in our brown fields, in the great lakes and surface waters, and in the food we eat as well as in the paint we don't eat.   Michigan, demand fact and proof, from those responsible, end the lies.

Public officials in position of trust should lose their post for lying to the public, all of these problems are fixable, but only if we have the facts. Phytoremediate lead from the environment, concentrate it, smelt it into ingots and make the responsible industries pay pound for pound in gold bars.  Use the money to help pay for the cleanup.  A little too theatrical do you think? However, in the end, something must change or the environment in which we all hope to raise healthy, happy, children will continue to degrade.  Sickened, dull witted children for a dimminished future, what is good about that?


Samuel DeFazio
2723 116th Ave
Allegan, MI 49010   http://www.praxis-ibc.com  269-673-2793

MICHDAVE@aol.com wrote:
Indeed, hats off to Governor Granholm. I too remember the struggle with Engler over the initial HUD funding for Michigan.  All that whining about the unfunded mandates imposed on inspectors and contractors. Then there was the pittance of CMI money allotted to lead poisoning and prevention. Good riddance to Engler and Company.

One of the most tragic aspects of lead poisoning is that it is 100% preventable. Education, education, education for everyone!  A mother of a lead burden child told me the pediatrician was not worried about her daughter's Pb level of 9. Her daughter is three years old. Want to guess what this child's level will be in another year?  CDC estimates that over half a million children have irreversible damage from elevated lead levels. Lead poisoning affects almost every system in the child's body. Even low levels of lead are associated with decreased intelligence and impaired behavioral development.

Governor Granholm was in Saginaw today with Representative Carl Williams. Carl also is to be commended for being a force behind childhood lead poisoning and prevention legislation and initiatives. No child should be placed behind the eight ball of learning.  Reaching their God given potential means living lead free. Hopefully Governor Granholm's efforts will bring about a concerted effort by everyone in Lansing to address this grave injustice to our children.

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council