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Re: E-M:/ Introducing Bush Administration "Sweet Deals Trail Mix

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I believe we should be thinking of how to beat Bush in 2004 election.  Would
the combined environmental groups, large and small--all across the nation,
carry enough clout to be able to show the important negative effects the
Republican policies are having in terms of the public health, necessary
habitat for key wildlife, clean water, conservation of fresh water, etc.,?
I think the environmental groups could do this effectively.  Somehow they
need to be pulled together as a unified whole, playing the same tune at the
same time--a universal concert of those who understand environmental issues
and the long range of effects of continued destruction of that which
supports our very lives.
Apparently big business is willing to ram the planet (impact be damned)
until it sinks in a sea of pollution and the Republicans are helping them by
paving the way.
Delavan Sipes

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