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E-M:/ "USDA Food pyramid" was originally invented as a recipe for fatteningpigs. In Michigan the environment is ripe for change.

Enviro-Mich message from Praxis <praxis1986@triton.net>

"USDA Food pyramid" was originally invented as a recipe for fattening pigs.

If you follow the plan recommend by public officials and live as we do 
now with so much less physical
activity than our grandparents were forced to do then you are very 
likely to become obese.

Many Michigan residents like much of the rest of the nation are obese. 
 Perhaps its time to examine why.  
Blaming the public is very convenient but not if they have been mislead 
by cowardly public officials that in
fulfilling the fat, happy baby ideal of the late 1800 and early 1900 by 
instructing parents to use the same
approach and food strategies that had been developed for fattening pigs 
for market to humans.  Now have
failed to change with the times and needs of present day America.

Billions of diet and food manufacturer, and medical industry dollars are 
risk if it "gets fixed", so fix it yourself.
Start by eating more organic food, it often is more gratifying and you 
will know, your body will tell you.  Large
amounts of extra empty calories ore often consumed looking for what's 
not there, vital trace elements and
phytochemicals.  Also by not mixing certain foods and because  we have 
not gotten enough good information
about some very common food allergies from the medical community.
Stay tune for more information on this topic.


Samuel DeFazio
2723 116th Ave
Allegan, MI 49010  http://www.praxis-ibc.com

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