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E-M:/ GMO trees being grown in Michigan a major center in modifying ourforests for the future.

Enviro-Mich message from Praxis <praxis1986@triton.net>

Dear all,

Ask (FOIA) MSU and MDA officials for a list of locations near you.  Go visit the woods and see if these trees made a sound if no one is around to hear it.


Samuel DeFazio
2723 166th Ave 
Allegan, MI 49010  http://www.praxis-ibc.com

There are now dozens of genetically engineered tree test plots in the 
U.S. This concerns ecologists, in regards to the possibility of these
experimental plants inadvertently spreading into the wild, thereby
throwing off the balance of species in forests across the nation. In
related news, the US Pentagon has awarded Colorado State researchers a
half million bucks to genetically engineer a tree that would change
colors when exposed to a germ or chemical attack. Taxpayers and
government watchdog groups are befuddled by this expenditure---as if the
thousands of people keeling over in the streets from a chemical attack
wouldn't be indicative enough that there was something wrong.

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