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E-M:/ Michigan farmers crops have to labeled in a vain attempt to marketthem overseas.

Dear all,

How come we have these GMO crops slipped into our food stream without labeling in Michigan?

Why has it become necessary to blackmail with a billion dollar WTO penalty to force other countries to buy foods that we are being unwittingly experimented on with.  Why do they do not want to eat it are they all just dumb bunny anti- techno's that want to sit around naked on the forest floor chewing on twigs and berries?  That is not how I would describe the German, French, or English people, what is seriously wrong with this picture.

Label GMO foods and watch the market in Michigan disappear. Maintain choice 
for the people of the State of Michigan.  Watch for much more trouble from this unfortunate decision.  If you hold an opinion tell your elected officials.


Samuel M. DeFazio
2723 116th Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010  http://praxis-ibc.com

The US continued to crack the whip at WTO talks in Montreal last week.
For the sake of maintaining good international relations, the EU gave in
to abrasive pressure from the Bush administration to allow GE foods to
be sold in European grocery stores---as long as the food comes labeled
as such. US representatives at the talks said that just isn't good
enough, demanding that the EU buy the genetically engineered food and
don't label it. According to EU Agricultural Commissioner, Franz
Fischler, more than 70% of EU consumers don't want genetically
engineered foods at all. So at the very least, these imported foods need
to be labeled. "If we don't make sure of that, then there is simply no
social consensus in Europe for accepting GM products," Fischler said.
The Montreal talks were a warm up to the main WTO meetings to be held in
Cancun in early Sept, 2003. Attend the WTO teach-ins and protests in
Cancun on an escorted delegation with Ronnie Cummins and the OCA: