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Re: E-M:/ Michigan public and Farmers have to make a choice- GMO or Organic and conventional hybrids generated by a sexual union.

Title: Re: E-M:/ Michigan public and Farmers have to make a choice- GMO or Organic and conventional hybrids generated by a sexual union.
I have to agree with Sam on this. There are few issues more pressing for environmentalists who recognize the importance of ecosystem balance and the necessity for a healthy ecosphere in terms of our life support system. Unfortunately, other than writing a few letters and joining some electronic lists, I haven't yet figured out what to do about it. Since as he points out a lot of this research activity happens in Michigan, I would hope we will be able to find a way to address it directly.

I remember years ago reading the book "Algeny" which postulated that, just as humans had learned to control fire and then chemicals, the next front for massive change in human lives would be the control of genetic material, which was just beginning at the time. I've since seen the author, Jeremy Rifkin, speak on the enormous destruction this has wrought and will continue to wreak, including the monstrous practice of corporations PATENTING genetic materials and processes.

I hope we can find the brakes before the whole out-of-control train derails.

Cynthia Price
From: Praxis <praxis1986@triton.net>
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
Subject: E-M:/ Michigan public and Farmers have to make a choice- GMO or Organic and conventional hybrids generated by a sexual union.
Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2003, 8:12 AM

Dear all,   The farmers lose, the public losses, democracy losses.

Michigan public and Farmers have to make a choice- GMO and only GMO's Farms  or Organic farms and Conventional Farms growing hybrids generated by a sexual union.  Because if you Grow GMO crops those crops will eventually eliminate all other options by contaminating with them GMO pollen (gene escape) all the same similar crops.  Also transnational corporations will literally own the worlds food supply.  Absolute power does what?  Do we really have to keep relearning this tragic history lesson again and again?  Have we lost the wisdom to protect our children from an enslaved future?

Please remember to shoot the messenger, as they have in the UK.  Or keep your head in the sand as Michigan state government has done. There is no "gray area" and there is no know way of putting this "gene genie" back in the bottle.  Action is needed know before its to late.

Despite abundant lip service and token support Michigan State University and the MIchigan Department of Agriculture are concurrently promoting and endorsing technology that will destroy the organic farms and sustainable agriculture in Michigan.  They are also, on a daily basis failing to factually identify biological control, and Integrated Biological Cybernetics alternative to farmers and the public and aggressively repressing, discouraging, and interfering with the contracts of people
that can provide those product and services. This is a dangerous situation.

An example: If a Michigan farmer walks onto his land........ and

If a locally adapted organic sweet corn is planted on one farm and GMO corn is planted on the farm next door and if the wind blows or bees fly that summer then by the end of the year the following things will have happened.

1. The pollen from the GMO corn will have without exception contaminated the organic farmers field and he will lose his or her organic standing, in other words be put out of the organic farming business.

2. The organic farmer can then be sued by the corporation that sold the neighbor the GMO seed. Get this for "stealing" the companies closely held patented genes in the wind blow pollen.  The organic farmer or conventional hybrid corn planter has no way to defend themselves, under the present law. Our State of Michigan government busy funding "Life Science" that create more GMO crops has failed the protect by law the farmers and the public that will be harmed.  The have decided for all of us we will be living in a brave new world, how very unrepresentative and non democratic.  Remember the only thing evil needs to succeed is the silence of good and caring

This is not speculation this has happened and is an ongoing process. Wake up and smell the GMO coffee.

Samuel M. DeFazio
2723 116th Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010  269-673-2793 http://www.praxis-ibc.com <http://www.praxis-ibc.com>

Remember to speak the truth and then get fired for doing you job correctly.

"The buzz word in Britain is that we can have 'co-existence' between the
GM (genetically modified) sector and the organic or conventional sector.
What Canada shows, who have been trying to do this for the last seven
years, is that it is absolutely impossible. You have to make a choice,
and the choice frankly is: are we going to go for GM, for which there is
no market and no-one wants to buy, at the expense of organic, which
people do want to buy and for which there is a tremendous market? You
cannot have both."

Source: Michael Meecher, UK Environmental Minister, recently fired by
Tony Blair for his views on GM foods and crops.