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E-M:/ Protection Effort Will Preserve 8 Miles of Shoreline

News Release From The Nature Conservancy

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Nature Conservancy Shoreline Protection Effort Celebrated at Local Event

CEDARVILLE, Mich. — Eightmiles of northern Lake Huron shoreline will now be forever protected thanks to a collaborative effort led by The Nature Conservancy.

From Search Cove to Potagannissing Bay, The Nature Conservancy has helped to protect 5,000 acres in the Les Cheneaux Islands area through acquisitions and conservation easements. The Conservancy long ago identified the area as a priority conservation site because of its richness in biodiversity.

The land provides critical habitat for rare and threatened species such as Michigan’s official state wildflower, the dwarf lake iris, as well as more common species like the yellow perch which can be found near the shores. More than 1 million birds use the shoreline as a stopover site during their annual migration, including the black tern, common loon, pileated woodpecker, osprey and bald eagle.

"We’re extraordinarily proud and honored to celebrate this conservation achievement with those who helped make it possible," said Helen Taylor, state director for The Nature Conservancy in Michigan. "This area of shoreline was once slated for development, with plans for a condominium complex and a golf course. The Nature Conservancy is not against progress by any means, but there are some places where development may be incompatible with the landscape. This is one of those last great places that deserves special protection. We’re pleased and honored to play a role in preserving it forever."

The Nature Conservancy is not alone in its efforts to protect this area and continues working with partners such as Little Traverse Conservancy and the Les Cheneaux Community Foundation. Partnerships and collaborations such as this have enabled The Nature Conservancy to protect more than 17,000 acres in Mackinac and Chippewa Counties.

"We’re happy to be working with The Nature Conservancy to protect the Northern Lake Huron area," said Tom Bailey, executive director for Little Traverse Conservancy. "Our partnership dedicated to protecting this beautiful part of the world is a good example of how collaboration can make a positive difference for the local community and the environment."

The protection of 184 acres in the area is now complete thanks to the Jung Family who worked with The Nature Conservancy to protect two key parcels. By the end of this month, another 1.5 miles of shoreline and 250 acres will be preserved through a conservation easement on shoreline owned by Michigan Limestone Operations. The Nature Conservancy is also working with Cedar Campus to protect five miles of its shoreline through an easement which should be completed by the end of the year. A conservation easement is a tool where ecologically valuable lands remain in private hands, but with contractual limits on any future development of the property.

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. The Nature Conservancy counts at least 1 million members worldwide, including more than 32,000 in Michigan. The Conservancy and its members have protected more than 80 million acres on Earth, including more than 73,000 acres in Michigan. The Nature Conservancy embraces a non-confrontational, market-based approach for accomplishing its science-driven mission.

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