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E-M:/ Clous - Development halted by Army Corps

Elk Rapids: Development halted by Army Corps
Another Clous project is embroiled in wetlands controversy
Second of a three-part series

The federal Environmental Protection Agency then ruled that the Army Corps, not the state DEQ, had jurisdiction at the site. Then came the Corps' evaluation of the property, and the determination that wetlands connected to the Great Lakes exist there.
"The Corps has really dug its heels in on enforcement of the Clean Water Act," Reisig said. "They're not just going to roll over on this deal, at all."


Clous called McManus in on another project
Manager says they've contacted her many times

ELK RAPIDS - Developers of the stalled Elk Rapids Preserve housing project sought the intervention of state Sen. Michelle McManus, just as they have in a disputed wetlands-versus-farming rights case in Grand Traverse County's East Bay Township.
A review of state campaign finance records shows Clous donated the maximum $1,000 allowable to McManus' most recent Senate campaign, in 2002.