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E-M:/ MDEQ declares Wednesday smog advisory

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Air Monitoring Unit


An Ozone Action! Day advisory IS declared for Wednesday, August 20th

An Ozone Action! Day advisory IS declared for Wednesday, August 20th


High pressure remains in control of the region through Wednesday providing 
sunny skies, warming temperatures, and increasing humidity. As high 
pressure slides to the east, surface winds will become more organized in a 
south-southwesterly direction. This opens the door for hot, humid air to 
our south to channel into the forecast region. Along with high humidity and 
near 90 degree temperatures, this air mass will be enriched with emissions 
from a multitude of power plants along the Ohio River valley. As this 
pollution rich air mass moves north, plentiful solar radiation will cause 
it to freely react with urban vehicle emissions along the way and form a 
corridor of elevated ozone in Southeast Michigan.

A similar plume will travel over Lake Michigan and react with the local 
emissions from urban centers along southern rim of the lake. These 
emissions combination will also eagerly react with abundant sunlight over 
Lake Michigan and affect the western Michigan counties with elevated ozone.

With expected ozone concentrations in the "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" 
range, we ARE issuing OzoneAction! Day Advisories for both Southeast and 
West Michigan for Wednesday, August 20th.


We are hopeful that this will be a single day episode. As more humidity 
pumps into the region and the atmosphere becomes more unstable, increasing 
clouds during the day Thursday is probable. With a cold front approaching 
from the northwest, we can also expect a decent probability of severe 
weather later in the day. This would help mix up the stagnant air and shut 
off the solar radiation needed to fuel the photochemical reaction. As 
timing is critical, we will review the models Wednesday morning and provide 
an updated Thursday forecast at that time.

Forecast updated:  Tuesday, August 19th by Jim Haywood
Next update:  Wednesday, August 20th by Jim Haywood

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