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I have a question about this because we're working on putting together a wetland ordinance right now.  Does anyone know if we can put something like this in a local ordinance and have it be enforceable?  Can we put in a regulation about not cutting wetland vegetation?  And if we do, do we have to make exceptions for the yucky stuff like purple loosestrife?  If there are any attorneys out there in EM land or wetland experts, please advise.

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My neighbor cut all the cattails and brush in a wetland area of about 1 acres size last year.  I called the DEQ office and was told he can do anything he wanted to the vegetation and they didn't regulate it.  As long as he wasn't filling in.  This wetland wsa just across the road and adjacent to a lake (approx. 12 acres lake.)  They don't seem to understand that - in my mind - the grasses and other material growing in the wetland is necessary for wildlife etc.  All our kingfishers disappeared after he did this.  They used to gather in the small trees that were in this area.  It is sad.
Luanne Jaruzel
Millington Townshipee
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  A friend has property along the Flint River, one of her neighbors has taken to waging war on the cattails in his part of the flood plain with a mowing tractor. Is this a regulated activity?

  John Covert
  Friends of the Detroit River

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