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Re: E-M:/ Michigan public and Farmers have to make a choice- GMOor Organic

Enviro-Mich message from Matthew Abel <attorneyabel@comcast.net>

I mostly lurk on this list, but the lawyer in me (P38876) must comment 
on this example:

Praxis wrote:

>An example: If a Michigan farmer walks onto his land........ and 
>If a locally adapted organic sweet corn is planted on one farm and GMO corn is planted on the farm next door and if the wind blows or bees fly that summer then by the end of the year the following things will have happened.
>1. The pollen from the GMO corn will have without exception contaminated the organic farmers field and he will lose his or her organic standing, in other words be put out of the organic farming business.
>2. The organic farmer can then be sued by the corporation that sold the neighbor the GMO seed. Get this for "stealing" the companies closely held patented genes in the wind blow pollen. ...

If my client were the Organic farm in this example, I would sue the GMO 
farm for the tort of trespass, and all the damages resulting from that.

Somebody bring me a case...

(and then let's pass a law requiring GMO farmers to post a bond for each 
GMO crop!)

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