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E-M:/ Posting a bond for GMO crops ...

Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Matthew Abel wrote:

> If my client were the Organic farm in this example, I would sue the GMO 
> farm for the tort of trespass, and all the damages resulting from that.
> Somebody bring me a case...
> (and then let's pass a law requiring GMO farmers to post a bond for each 
> GMO crop!)

Hello again Matthew,

I also think a comment is needed on your idea of a bond for farmers in
Michigan, using GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, as it is like
buying insurance after the barn has burnt down.

The main problem is:

once the modified genetic material is loose, one cannot put it back in the
bottle and this holds true whether it is plant or animal life, bacteria,
fungus, virus, or whatever other life form with which we choose to play
the god of evolution.

In short, there is absolutely no way to understand the long term effects
of bringing this modified genetic material into the chain of evolution.

In the plant world for example, after a naturally occurring, open
pollenated type of plant is so contaminated, it is changed for ever. 

For a farmer who has depended upon saving some of the seed produced from
an open pollenated type of crop, in order to plant next years crop, this
is disaster.

In effect, we will artifically drive into extinction, all of the open
pollenated food crops upon which we depend and compensation after the 
fact, will not bring them back.

Thus, I think the best way to proceed is similar to the way in which the
world-wide organization, The Union of Concerned Scientists, has succeeded
with the bans in Europe, by bringing the facts to public attention and
building the concensus to protect the public interest.

This is not to say that I am entirely opposed to your bond idea, as it
would place a financial burden on GMO farmers in Michigan and hence, make
them reconsider the use of GMO crops but in the long run, the GMO industry
itself must be brought under control, as they are on the verge of globally
controlling the world's crop seed supply and this is also an issue which
The Union of Concerned Scientists is addressing.

Support them!


Lowell Prag

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