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Re: E-M:/ Dove hunting deserves a shot

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To whom it may concern-

Talk about extremist propaganda!  This is not a threat to the "right" to hunt game birds; only the ability to hunt mourning doves. 

This issue of Mourning Doves as a game species for sport hunting is nothing new to the Midwest.  It was addressed in 1977 by the Ohio Court of Appeals in the case State ex rel. Hyter v. Teter (368 N.E.2d 854(1977)).  The underlying issues remain the same, as do the fundamental legal aspects.  That Court found that Mourning Doves were by definition a "non-game" species and as such were not subject to legal sport hunting in Ohio.  In the process the Ohio Court did not find that any hunter's "rights" were infringed upon.  To the contrary, they upheld the rights of Ohio citizens not to have Mourning Doves hunted.  Ultimately, it is up to the legislative process to provide the basis for that legal definition.  (The Ohio Legislature did later amend the game statute to include Mourning Doves.) 

The point is, however, there are opposing viewpoints as to whether Mourning Doves are a species of song birds or game birds and it is up to the Legislature to decide.  There is NO need to jam your personal agenda down our throats!  People are capable of deciding for themselves without your fear inspiring, "threatened rights" rhetoric.

Bottom line: it is unfair and irresponsible to lable persons with alternative viewpoints as "extreamist and propagandist" spreading "common lies and exaggerations."

Back off a little bit. 

David Pizzuti


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>Subject: E-M:/ Dove hunting deserves a shot
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>OUTDOORS: Dove hunting deserves a shot
>Here are some straight answers to common lies and exaggerations from
>anti-hunting propagandists.
>YOUR help is URGENTLY needed, many NEW legislators need to be educated about
>the hotly contested dove issue...
>Call, write, fax, or email your State Representative and State Senator TODAY.
>Urge them to SUPPORT HB 5029. Make it clear you want recreational hunting
>"management" used on this game bird and you do not want your right to hunt
>dictated by anti-hunting extreamist and propagandists.
>Call the House at 517-373-0135 and ask to be connected with your
>You may also find your Representative
>Call the Senate at 517-373-2400 and ask to be connected with your Senator.
>You may also find your Senator
>Share this Alert with Friends and Family—Each Person's Voice “Counts”

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