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E-M:/ Withdrawl of Woodland Meadows Landfill Expansion proposal

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>

Great news for a change!!

As you may recall, earlier this year Waste Management, Inc. submitted a
proposal to DEQ to expand its Woodland Meadows landfill in Van Buren
Township, in western Wayne County.  This was a particularly insidious
proposal because Waste Management proposed to destroy 30 acres of virgin
wetlands, previously protected under a conservation easement, as part of
the expansion.  Waste Management claimed that this expansion was
necessary, even in light of the tremendous landfill capacity in Michigan,
and with millions of tons of out of state trash coming in.

At the public hearing for this expansion earlier this year, the citizens
of Wayne County and beyond made it clear that they did not want this
expansion, it was environmentally destructive, and that it was
unnecessary.  To their credit, Wayne County officials also have spoken
against this proposal, even though the previous Wayne County Adminstrator
Ed McNamara supported it (for who knows what reason).

Earlier this month, Waste Management pulled their application for this
proposed expansion and it is now no longer under consideration.  Who knows
why Waste Management pulled it, but nevertheless for the time being the
wetlands are saved and the state's landfill capacity will not increase so
more out of state waste can come in.

Thanks to those who spoke out against the proposal and please remain
vigilant because I'm sure the Waste Management folks are back to the
drawing board.

Jeff Surfus
Don't Trash Michigan

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