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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Stench and CAFOs: Destroying rural life

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

Having read the article, Anne's valid complaint is
that it does the opposite of what you claim Anne is
doing: it treats the smells of all farm operations as
one and the same. It also paints those who object to
these smells as whiney suburbanites who should have
known better when they moved to the country. Of
course, we know better that not all farm operations
are cut from the same cloth. We also know that the
loudest objections to the horrendous stench from
CAFO's often come from people who have lived around
farming operations long enough to know what are normal
farming smells and what are the noxious clouds that
come from those CAFO's polluting our State's air and
water. A fair and balanced article it was not.

Andrew Mutch

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