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                 U.S. EPA REGION 5 NEWS RELEASE

CONTACT: Dave Novak, (312) 886-7478
          Mick Hans, (312) 353-5050

For Immediate Release
No. 03-OPA131

Master Metals - Detroit Update: Responsible Companies Agree to Fund
Cleanup; Yard Excavations to Begin

CHICAGO (Aug. 25, 2003) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
has signed an agreement with a group of responsible parties to address the
final phase of a lead contamination cleanup in Detroit's Krainzwood

Under the agreement, the companies will voluntarily excavate contaminated
soil from at least 69 residential properties.  The work is expected to
begin in late September.  The companies will also pay for the cleanup now
under way at the former Master Metals property at 4700 E. Nevada St.

The agreement took effect on August 22.   Called an administrative order
on consent, it was signed by EPA and a group of six companies previously
identified by the agency as responsible for lead contamination at Master
Metals.  Under the agreement, the parties   Daimler/Chrysler, Ford,
General Motors, Honeywell, Johnson Controls and NL Corp.   will pay about
$3.7 million.  This includes about $2.5 million in costs related to the
residential areas cleanup and about $1.2 million to address the Master
Metals property.

Since March, EPA has collected more than 600 soil samples from the
neighborhood near the site, including residential yards, the Atkinson
Elementary School, a park next to the school and the Sojourner Truth
housing complex.  As a result, 69 residential properties have been
identified for cleanups that include excavation of soil with lead levels
at or above 400 parts per million, backfill with clean soil and
restoration of landscaping.  In addition to the homes, two areas in the
Sojourner Truth complex will be cleaned.  About 50 homes in the area have
yet to be sampled.  Under the agreement, EPA expects the responsible
parties to contact these property owners in the near future, following up
with cleanups where lead levels exceed 400 ppm.

At the Master Metals property, the current and final phase of cleanup is
nearly complete.  In September, Michigan Department of Environmental
Quality is expected to begin demolition of the building at the site.
After the demolition, the responsible parties will remove any remaining
contaminated soil.  Grass will then be planted on the site, with MDEQ
assuming ownership of the property.

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