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E-M:/ FW: American Trails - TEAction Alert #6

Title: FW: American Trails - TEAction Alert #6
The attached is an update on the evolution of TEA-21 funding authorization.  This program provides Michigan $20 million a year for non-motorized pathways.  Let your congressional representative know what it has done in your, and his or her, community.  

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Subject: American Trails - TEAction Alert #6

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American Trails Action Alert  


Trail advocates and supporters face a major hurdle on the floor of the House of Representatives when Congress returns from its August recess after Labor Day.

On July 24, the House Appropriations Committee voted to eliminate funding for the popular Transportation Enhancements (TE) program.  The Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2989) approved by the Committee will be voted on by the full House of Representatives in early September.  Section 114 of H.R. 2989 eliminates the set-aside for the TE program.  This means there are no dedicated funds for TE.  

But we have good news!   Representative Thomas E. Petri (R-WI) has agreed to sponsor, along with other House members, an amendment to strike Section 114 from the transportation appropriations bill (H.R.2989) when it comes to the House floor in early September.  The effect of this amendment, if successful, would be to restore full funding for Transportation Enhancements activities.

Talking Points
Under H.R. 2989, absent Sec. 114, Transportation Enhancements would receive approximately $812 million per year.  (In the last year of TEA-21, the TE share was about $600 million.)

Please contact your US Congress Representative before Labor Day.   Ask them to vote to restore guaranteed funding for the Transportation Enhancements program.  Ask them to vote in favor of Representative Petri's amendment to strike Section 114 from the transportation appropriations bill (H.R. 2989).  Better yet, ask them to co-sponsor Representative Petri's amendment!

Congress members are back in their districts through the end of August.  This is a great opportunity to make an appointment to see them.  If you can't get an appointment, please make that call or send an email or a letter.

To CONTACT ANY MEMBER (or their staff) at their D.C. office, you can call the U.S. Capital Switchboard: 202-224-3121 and ask to be transferred.  

To locate your Representative on the Web: http://www.house.gov/  <http://www.magnetmail.net/Actions/linktosite.cfm?message_id=16513&amp;user_id=AmTrails&amp;recipient_id=6392265&amp;site=http://www.house.gov/>

Thanks to the efforts of the Transportation Enhancements Coalition, here are materials that provide a set of tools for saving TE:

These three items are attached:    
The Rails to Trails Conservancy has posted state-by-state information on projects that is extremely valuable if you are talking to your congress member or their staff.  Visit: http://www.railtrails.org/whatwedo/policy/tea21b.asp  <http://www.magnetmail.net/Actions/linktosite.cfm?message_id=16513&amp;user_id=AmTrails&amp;recipient_id=6392265&amp;site=http://www.railtrails.org/whatwedo/policy/tea21b.asp> .
Visit the Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse:  www.enhancements.org  <http://www.magnetmail.net/Actions/linktosite.cfm?message_id=16513&amp;user_id=AmTrails&amp;recipient_id=6392265&amp;site=http://www.enhancements.org> .  

Visit the American Trails Website:  www.AmericanTrails.org  <http://www.magnetmail.net/Actions/linktosite.cfm?message_id=16513&amp;user_id=AmTrails&amp;recipient_id=6392265&amp;site=http://www.AmericanTrails.org> .

After you have spoken with your Congressional office, please provide feedback to me at pam_gluck@americantrails.org
 <mailtpam_gluck@americantrails.org> and to RTC's Manager of Trails Advocacy, Ken Rosenfeld, at rtckenr@transact.org  <mailtrtckenr@transact.org> .  We are in an information loop with the rest of the Transportation Enhancements Coalition and our allies in Congress.  Please forward a copy of any articles written in "your community" and resolutions you secure.

Every vote on this bill will be critical!

Thank you for your help!

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