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The New Voter Project (www.newvotersproject.org) is a non-partisan, multi-state voter registration and get-out-the-vote project, targeting young people (18-24 years old) around the 2004 elections and beyond. The project is sponsored by the Center for Public Interest Research and the State PIRGs (and PIRGIM) .

While young people are performing community service in record numbers (more than 80% of college freshman reported volunteering in high school), less than half of eligible young people between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in 2000. By comparison, 70% of older citizens voted in that same election. Unfortunately, the levels of non-participation have been steadily increasing since 18 year olds won the right to vote. Surveys consistently report that young people don’t believe that voting is an effective tool to better their communities.


Since the strength of a democracy is measured by the participation of its citizens, the declining participation of young people points to a troubling future for America's democracy. Young people need to make their voices heard on issues that affect them and the nation. Registering and voting are two important ways to do this.

The New Voter Project aims to increase the number of 18-24 year olds that register and vote in the 2004 elections and beyond, increase the civic engagement of this underrepresented population, and make an unprecedented impact on democracy.


Qualified applicants have a strong commitment to democracy issues, excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills, and enthusiasm for the work. Past experience in grassroots organizing is preferred.

The potential position locations include MI, WI, MO, IA, NH, NM, CO, OR, and WA. 

Open positions include: Central Staff, Field Organizers, Communications, Recruitment, Administrative/Financial, Web/Internet Design, Campus Organizers and others.

To Apply


Send a cover letter and resume to the New Voters Project, attn: Elizabeth-Ann Rowlison.

By mail: 1533 Market St. Denver, CO 80202; by Fax: 303-573-5999; or by e-mail: earowlison@newvotersproject.org.


                  Megan Owens
Field Director                  734-662-6597