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Re: E-M:/ The view from Kalamazoo

That's right. A time should come when we'll go back to having a grocery store, hardware store, etc., in every neighborhood as we did a few years ago. No matter how efficient automobiles become, no saving will result when "shopping centers" continue to be moved farther from customers. We shouldn't need  to go 10 miles to get a few common-place items any more than we did then. or than people in other countries do. To start, if we encourage those local stores that are still around we'll also decrease the contribution to smog and ground-level ozone and the warming trend.    R. H. Freye
The contribution to air pollution would also decrease.
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Subject: E-M:/ The view from Kalamazoo

From Friday's Kalamazoo Gazette editorial page:
Upset about gas prices? Use less

... there is something Americans can do if they're truly alarmed about the price of gasoline: Use less of it.

We love our gas-swilling SUVs and would rather die than be forced to drive little four-cylinder econoboxes.

The bus? That's for the poor, the elderly and the handicapped, we Americans think. Ride a bike? Fat chance. Where are the cupholders and air conditioning?

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