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E-M:/ Bush officials have learned how to greenwash the language

Bush officials have learned how to greenwash the language - 09/03/03

A few days ago, Interior Secretary Gale Norton introduced the president as a "compassionate conservationist." This administration has weakened the Clean Water Act, undermined wetlands protection, taken 200 million acres of lands off the protected lists. It eased the rules against air pollution for the sake of industry. But they've learned how to "greenwash" the language.


Environmentalists focus agenda
They want Granholm to deliver on promises

So Michigan conservationists have only themselves to blame if significant natural resource protections aren't enacted during the next several years, key environmental leaders said Thursday. The villain, they say, is former Gov. John Engler, who was blamed by environmentalists for sins ranging from the emasculation of law enforcement against polluters to the removal of public input in natural resource decisions.