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E-M:/ What Has MSU President McPherson's Energy Dept. Involvement Wrought?


It has just become clear that Vice President Dick Cheney lied to Congress over his energy (see GAO report "Energy Task Force: Process Used to Develop the National Energy Policy," August 2003 )at:

Also see John Dean's excellent story on this cover up on today's Tom Paine website at:  http://www.tompaine.com/feature2.cfm/ID/8789

About 15 months ago, Energy Secretary Spence Abraham appointed MSU President Peter McPherson -- a close friend of Cheney's --  to chair DOE’s powerful external advisory committee. I wrote about this in an article for City Pulse at the time. See "McPherson's New Throne," at:

McPherson has since gone on to head the economic restructuring of Iraq. As I have made clear on previous posts, Pres. McPherson has made secrecy a benchmark of his administration and he has participated in the intimidation and marginalization of environmentalists of several occasions. We should point out that MSU is also deeply embedded in several secretive government and corporately funded energy projects and is competing to bring a rare isotope accelerator project – costing $900 million – to MSU.

Several questions beg themselves. In his role as Energy Chair, how aggressive was President McPherson in working to make Cheney's secret energy dealings/transcripts public? What kind of advice to he proffer to the Bush administration? Are there transcripts of the external advisory committee meetings which McPherson chaired? What level of government clearance has McPherson?

But the biggest question is why has McPherson been given a free ride -- and treated with kid gloves -- by the press in Lansing and Michigan? 

Please let me know.

Brian McKenna